Step 1- Class Select Form:

SEMICON Taiwan 2012 Programs:

    Time  Program Name Venue Price/NTD
2017/9/13--09:00 - 16:50 Advanced Packaging Technology Symposium
Grande Luxe Banquet Grand Ballroom / 中信企業總部三樓雅悅會館馥儷廳

Price & Member Types Original & On-Site Price
US$165/ NT$4950  
US$125/ NT$3750  
Group Price- 3 people above
US$99/ per person
NT$2970 /每人

Need Organizer to order Lunch Box in total number / 需要代訂便當總數共 : 
      (No. of Vegetarian Lunch Box/其中含有素食便當:
      (Lunch Box Price/便當費用: NT200)
*Lunch box order ONLY for 9/6 SiP Global Summit 2012 -3D IC Technology Forum 
*便當代訂服務只限”9/6 3D IC技術趨勢論壇”當天
You are: Non-SEMI Member / 非SEMI會員
SEMI Member / SEMI會員(輸入統編) 
SEMI Member / SEMI會員      
*Price is not included with 5% tax/ 以上價格未含5%稅
*Online Registration is opened until Aug. 31st. 18:00(UTC+08:00/線上報名開放至8月31日下午6點整(台灣時間)

*Need to complete payment before Aug 10th to enjoy special price

★ Cancellation Policy Cancellation before Aug 1st, 100% Refund (not including administration fee). Cancellation during Aug 1st to Aug 10th, 50% Refund (not including Administration fee). NO REFUND after Aug 20th.
★ 退費相關事宜 完成繳費後,若於8/1日前取消,可退報名費100%(手續費自行負擔) ; 8/1日至8/20日取消可退報名費50%(手續費自行負擔),8/20日後取消,恕不退費,敬請見諒。
1. 入場方式:
 a.SEMICON Taiwan 2012論壇:
  - 將憑SEMICON Taiwan 2012參觀者識別證及一張個人名片入場。
 b.SiP Global Summit 2012(3D IC Technology Forum and Embedded Technology Forum)
  - 將憑 報名確認信函及一張個人名片報到 並請於8/10日前完成繳費,以享有優惠價格
2. 領取識別證方式:
 a.SEMICON 8月10日前完成線上報名之國內報名者, 我們將郵寄SEMICON Taiwan 2012參觀者識別證到您提供之國內郵寄地。
8月10日(含)以後及國外報名者請一律於9/5-9/7至南港展覽館4樓M區門口憑“your signup ID”領取參觀者識別證。
 b.SiP Global Summit 2012 (3D IC Technology Forum and Embedded Technology Forum)識別證 將統一於9/6-9/7至南港展覽館5樓504會議室門口領取.
3. 所有論壇之簡報將在論壇後二星期內於SEMICON Taiwan 2012網站開放PDF格式下載, 惟提供下載之簡報須取得講師同意後方能提供。請上網填寫問卷後下載, 論壇現場將不會發放任何紙本講義。
4. 因座位有限,請於課程開始前三十分鐘報到。座位採先到先入席制, 請提早到場避免向隅。

1. Admission:
 a.SEMICON Taiwan 2012 Programs:
  -Please prepare the SEMICON Taiwan 2012 visitor badge plus your business card as the admission.
 b.SiP Global Summit 2012 (3D IC Technology and Embedded Technology Forum) will need your Registration Confirmation Letter and please complete the payment of SiP Global Summit 2012 before Aug 10th in order to enjoy the special price.
2. Badges will be ready as following:
 a.We will mail SEMICON Taiwan 2012 Visitor Badge to your mailing address in Taiwan if you sign-up online before August 10, yet if you do not have mailing address in Taiwan please pick up your SEMICON Taiwan 2012 visitor badge by “your signup ID” in Area M, 4F, TWTC Nankang Exhibition Hall.
 b.Please pick up the badges of the SiP Global Summit 2012 Programs (3D IC Technology and Embedded Technology Forum) at On-site Counter located at Rm. 504, 5F, TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall, during Sep 6th to 7th.
3. There will have NO hard copy proceedings for the programs but online download instead. The downloadable PDF (with speakers’ authorization) will be opened within 2 weeks after 9/7 and please fill out the online survey to download the presentation.
4. Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis so please arrive 30 minutes earlier before the program starts, seats are limited; please register early to secure your seat.

Please contact Ms. Chelsea Yang of SEMI Taiwan if have any questions about Programs
Ms. Chelsea Yang / 楊小姐
TEL:03-560-1777 ext. 503

* 欲修改您的個人參觀訊息,請聯絡
If you would like to revise your registration information, please contact:
Leadexpo / Mr. Jay Huang
集利科技 黃先生